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Our Products


Onyx is beautiful and rare. It is the ultimate luxury item for high-end kitchens and homes. If you want something really special that will make your home stand out from all others, Onyx is the right choice for you. Onyx comes in a huge array of colours and features some of the most fascinating patterns and textures available in a natural stone. This makes Onyx the perfect decorative stone choice for exotic features such as bars, shelves, tables, or countertops that need to make an impression. We can help you in designing not only the cut of the stone but also the lighting arrangement that will best highlight this unique piece of natural art.

Quartz-Asphalt Gray


Quartz has been a common option for home stone surfaces since the mid-century popularity it enjoyed in Europe. Quartz is an “engineered stone.” Unlike granite and marble, which are cut from the earth in solid slabs that go straight into homes without any alteration to their composition, quartz is created from ground quartz crystals that are combined with a polymer resin. Premier manufacturers like Zaroc have been able to develop quartz countertops that have captured the hearts of homeowners with their natural look and feel, wide variety of colors and patterns, and incredible strength.


Granite is a natural igneous stone that is one of the most beautiful and resilient surface materials in the world. For millennia, granite has been prized for its strength and versatility, and it’s become the gold standard for home countertops. Kitchen is where granite is in the highest demand because it is virtually indestructible. Granite ranks an incredible 7 on the Moh’s Hardness scale, making it unscratchable by kitchen knives or other implements, and can naturally withstand very high heats.



After granite, marble is the most popular natural stone for use in home countertop and floor design, and just as timeless. Marble has been a popular material for both sculpture and architecture for millennia, thanks to both its enduring strength and luminous beauty.What makes marble so special? It’s probably the way it reflects light, creating a glowing, clean, and natural look wherever it’s used. Marble comes from limestone, which is a sedimentary rock that’s composed of mud, sand, and shells that are pressed together; when that limestone is subjected to high heats and pressure, typically from the long process of mountain-building. The resulting marble is smoother, denser, harder, and more uniform, often with swirling veins or sometimes completely white. Depending on the other minerals that were present in the marble’s formation.

Zaroc Stone White